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Shooting continues....6th bullet!

6th Bullet ..... SRI!!!

Give back to earth ...using nature... with a gentle yet optimal highest quality, natural degreasing solution.

  • Spill pick up Fibre

  • Biological Super Micro Organism endued degreasing Solutions – More Safe, Effective and environmentally friendly than this, is hard to find.

For businesses that want to make revolutionary changes, to how they clean mechanical and degrease automotive and other parts, and/or pick up hydro carbon or other spills.

SRI Spill Kit:

The SRI Spill kit makes use of a very high absorbent material which is cotton based, which is renewable and produces 8 times less waste than traditional absorbent material that is used.

This spill kit, features a “Roli Bin” with 50 litres of storage for the spill fibre. It is equipped with a:

a. Hand scoop

b. Shovel

c. Brush and

d. Sifter

The spill fibre features:

  • Instant absorption, that forms lumps when combined with oil, leaving floors without a greasy film, safe non slip and dry.

  • The lumps with the remaining spill fibre is then picked up by brushing into a scoop, and then dropped into the top of the bin, where the sifter separates the lumps from the remaining spill fibre, which in turn drops to the bottom to be re-used. The waste can then be safely discarded and will not cause environmental pollution.

SRI Bio Parts washer:

Say "Goodbye" to dangerous, toxic solvents that causes intoxicating dizziness when inhaled while cleaning mechanical parts in a workshop environment.

The SRI Parts washer supplied by SAFIC saves a lot of cost by cutting out expensive re-processing costs associated with waste created by traditionally used solvents. Traditionally used solvents need to be taken away from sites where it has been used and then reprocessed by accredited waste treatment companies. By using the power of a liquid medium of micro organisms, degreasing can be done very effectively. When the solution becomes saturated, a Blue tablet is added, which contains class A micro organisms to the Bio Liquid, which renews the Liquid to be used over and over again.


  • A table with a lid that covers the cleaning solution to prevent evaporation.

  • The solution is heated to 38 degrees Celsius – the optimal temperature for micro organisms to thrive in.

  • A submersible tank to put automotive parts in for a period of time, in order to degrease them, freeing your time to continue with other activities.

  • An air pump, which oxygenates the degreasing Bio fluid, for maximum degreasing to take place.

  • When the degreasing fluid need to be changed, it may be dispensed into your drain/effluent without any contamination or harm to the environment.

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