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Shooting continues.... 2nd and 3rd bullet!!

2nd Bullet...

Spot-on, hitting the target every time super economical, effective and looking for quality...

The very effective "Econo Range":

  • Brooms Colour coded (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow)

  • Colour Coded mops

  • Double Bucket Trolley mop systems

  • Various Wooden Brooms (Hard/Soft) for general floor sweeping and/or scrubbing

  • Various hand gloves for skin protection.

  • PPE

3rd Bullet...

Send in Revolutionary Food Safety Certified Brushware.

Cutting edge VIKAN Brushware - well known in the industry as the absolute leader in colour coded brushware. Vikan colour coded brushware is food contact compliant and adheres to all regulatory and auditor requirements, for equipment that comes into contact with food. Every Vikan Cleaning tool intended for contact with food, have passed the EU migration testing. This means that the brushware are tested under different time, temperature, and food type e.g. acidic, aqueous, fatty conditions and the testing results are documented in an official Migration Test Certificate.

The product includes:

  • Brooms of different sizes, HARD, MEDIUM and SOFT bristles.

  • Different sized aluminum handles, 650mm, 1300mm, 1500mm, 1500mm – 2800mm (telescopic) and 1800mm – 6000mm fibreglass telescopic handles.

  • Squeegees, hand held brushes of different width, length and sizes.

  • Tube and pipe cleaners.

  • Mixers, scrapers and spatulas.

  • Wall washing brushes.

  • Top of pipe brushes (for high above ground surface cleaning).

  • Ultra safe technology (easy to clean between bristles, reducing risk due to contamination from microbes).

  • Brushware is used to clean brushware.

  • Buckets with lids.

  • Scoops.

  • Correct storing wall brackets, clips and stainless steel clips.

  • “Shadow boards” featuring an on-wheels” storage board for moving equipment from one similar area, with similar function to another.

  • Grease Traps (Fat traps).

  • Hose Reels.

  • First aid dispensers of plasters and eye wash dispensers.

  • Flat mops.

  • Double bucket trolleys.

  • Colour coded mops.

  • Transport Sector Hi-Low brooms and telescopic handles.

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