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Safic Zinc-Iron phosphate for wire process

The Degrafos 34 from Safic is a zinc–iron phosphate used as a coating or pretreatment solution in steel wire drawing processes. When sufficient sodium nitrate is added into the solution, the Degrafos 34 becomes a zinc phosphate which is pale green in color.

It provides several benefits that aid in the wire drawing processes and improve the overall quality of the drawn wire. Pictures below shows a wire coil before and after being treated with the Degrafos 34 zinc phosphate.

This solution offers the following advantages:

  • Lubrication – Zinc phosphate coatings acts as solid lubricants during the wire drawing process. When the wire is pulled through the drawing dies, the coating reduces friction between the wire and the die which minimizes wear on both the wire and the die. This lubrication effect helps preventing galling, scoring, and other surface defects that might develop on the wire.

  • Corrosion resistance – Zinc phosphate coatings provide a certain level of corrosion protection to the steel wire. The coatings act as a barrier between the wire and the surrounding environment, reducing the likelihood of rust formation. This is particularly important during storage and transportation of the drawn wire.

  • Surface preparation – Zinc phosphate pretreatment prepares the steel wire surface for subsequent coatings or treatments. It promotes adhesion of additional protective coatings, such as paints or organic coatings, which can further enhance corrosion resistance or provide aesthetic appeal.

Wire coil BEFORE the Degrafos 34 zinc phosphate process

Wire coil AFTER the Degrafos 34 zinc phosphate process

For more information on wire drawing phosphating procedure, please contact the following Metal Treatment specialists:

  • Bafana Kubheka (Technical Sales – Metal Treatment) - 063 272 7646

  • Neels De Graaf (Head of Metal Treatment) - 082 557 6335

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