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Safic Coastal Support

Article by: Neil Murray

Safic is not only a highly specialized chemical and equipment supplier, but an Environmental warrior striving to “clean” our environment as we clean and offer green solutions to our customers.

Safic is the First chemical company in South Africa to be certified as an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 organization and the list goes on.

In 2017 Safic presented at the United Nations Environment workshop on sustainable chemistry.

So being on the Coast, and the coast being an Automotive Manufacturing hub, we need to care and preserve our coastline. We ensure the provision of responsible and value adding solutions to our defined markets, so it just makes sense to use Safic.

We at Safic have a 360 solution for all your needs and provide a comprehensive range of chemicals and disinfectants for all areas of application and industry.

This is where I come in and assist. I have a tailor made solution for all industries across the board.

I support a diverse range of industries along the coastal belt: Metal treatment, Industrial, Water treatment, Commercial, Food & Beverage, Environmental and Healthcare.

I support numerous National Cleaning and Hygiene companies on the coast and give advice, solutions and training 24/7.

Not only do we supply our incredible chemical range, but have a diverse range of equipment to suit every industry.

We have partnered with companies from around the globe, to name a few:

Cleanfix – Vacuum Cleaners, Spray/extraction machinery, Auto Scrubbers Sweepers and Single Disc Machines.

Greenspeed –Microfibre cloths, flat mops and scrubby cloths to name a few.

Vikan – Hygiene equipment (washroom solutions), Colour-coded brush ware and utensils.

We have dosage and calibration equipment calibrated and installed by our professional team to ensure the perfect amount of chemicals every time for your application without any wastage.

We supply site files with your company profile, Safic’s contact details, MSDS/Data Sheets of chemicals used, our certification, product lists. We will also supply informative wall charts dedicated to your industry.

Our commitment to you, our customer, is to adequately train your staff on our chemicals, application, storage and safety/first aid, as well as any machinery/equipment on site. Employees will sign a training register for the site file and will receive a Certificate on completion in this regard. I will on a regular basis do service calls to assess any possible risks and evaluate where any improvements can be made as well as work closely with the Health and Safety officers.

Servicing the coast does not only mean the coastal belt, I support various other industries inland in my area, namely Timber, Citrus Pack houses, Abattoirs to name a few. I also supply various SOE’s like Eskom, Transnet and parts of SAA.

You can therefore see that we service a diverse range of industries with specialized chemicals, equipment support and training - why would you want to use any other Chemical Company?

Please visit our very informative website . It is very user friendly and a pleasure to navigate. You can create your own Profile - this enables you to log in and request more information, a demo, training or a call back. This will enable us to assist in creating a tailor made solution for you.

Let Safic help you help the environment, while keeping your industry clean and hygienic.

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