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Saf Heavy: A Powerhouse Solution for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

In the challenging environments of industrial machinery and automotive maintenance, grease, oil, waxes, and engine dirt. Traditional cleaning solutions often fall short in tackling these stubborn contaminants, necessitating a product specifically designed for heavy-duty degreasing. Enter Saf Heavy, an aromatic solvent-based emulsifiable degreasing compound engineered by Safic, a leader in the cleaning and maintenance product industry.

What Sets Saf Heavy Apart?

Saf Heavy stands out in the realm of industrial cleaners for its unique formulation. A blend of detergents and solvents selected for their ability to create a very stable emulsion ensures good rinsability or dilution with water, thus facilitating the removal of tough grime without leaving behind residues that can attract more dirt. Its high aromatic content significantly enhances its grease-cutting properties, making it exceptionally effective in cleaning heavy machinery, automotive machinery, and construction equipment.

Versatility and Effectiveness

One of the remarkable aspects of Saf Heavy is its versatility. Not only is it suitable for cold cleaning of industrial machinery, floors, and machine parts, but it also proves to be highly effective on automotive machinery, construction and road equipment, machine shops, and more. This versatility ensures that Saf Heavy can be integrated into various maintenance routines across different sectors.

User Safety and Environmental Considerations

While Saf Heavy boasts powerful cleaning capabilities, it's also designed with user safety in mind. Although the product is flammable and should be used away from ignition sources, it is equipped with safety measures to mitigate risks. Users are advised to wear protective clothing to prevent skin defatting on prolonged exposure and to avoid its application on high gloss paint due to the potential dulling of these surfaces​.

Safic's Commitment to Excellence

Its comprehensive product range shows Safic's dedication to providing high-quality, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective solutions. The company's credentials, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45 000 certifications, and SABS Certified products and Halal certification, underscore their commitment to excellence and sustainability​.


Saf Heavy emerges as a powerful solution for industries grappling with the challenge of removing heavy grease, oil, and other stubborn contaminants from machinery and surfaces. Its unique formulation, versatility, and effectiveness, coupled with Safic's commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, make it a valuable asset in heavy-duty cleaning applications.


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