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Saf EA Xtreme Force

A safe and easy-to-use solvent degreaser.

Image 1: 25 litres of Saf EA Xtreme Force

Saf EA Xtreme force is the correct choice to effectively remove open gear lubrication, greases, oils, and dirt from components.

Image 2: Saf EA Xtreme Force easily removes grease.

It has an easy, quick split emulsion that allows the oil and grease to be easily removed from an oil separator tank.

Image 3: Saf EA Xtreme also easily removes tar and bitumen off of surfaces.

It is safe to use, has a pleasant fragrance, and achieves primary degradation in 28 days.

Call us at +27 11 406 4000 or e-mail us at to order, for a demonstration or more information.

For more information on degreasers in general, please click here to see our post:

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