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NCCA Certification


The outsourcing of cleaning services is common practice, evidenced by the fact that many end-users require tenders for the supply of these services to be registered with the NCCA. This in itself illustrates that clients have confidence that our members are professionally qualified and competent to carry out the work required.

The heart of the Association’s very existence revolves around the ongoing development and maintenance of “standards” relevant to the industry, which is of prime importance to both the Association and its members.

The NCCA requires all members to unconditionally subscribe to a Code of Ethics relating to our standards. Standard documentation is made available to members e.g., Articles of Agreement between contracting parties, Conditions of Employment for cleaners, Estimating checklist, Fundamentals of Estimating and Tendering, Window Cleaning Safety Standards and more.

SAFIC is proud to say that we are a SUPPLIER Member of the NCCA.

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