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Cleaning, Descaling, and Sterilizing with Saf Klensan

Introducing SAF-KLENSAN: Your Ultimate Solution for Food Processing Area and Equipment Cleaning, Descaling, and Sterilization!

SAF-KLENSAN is a powerful and effective cleaner, descaler, and sterilizer specifically designed for use in food processing areas and equipment. With its low pH formulation, SAF-KLENSAN is suitable for dairies, butcheries, breweries, and other food processing facilities. SAF-KLENSAN raw materials are suitable for use in food processing areas, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

SAF-KLENSAN boasts a range of properties that make it the ideal choice for your food processing facility:

  1. Extremely effective bacterial and fungal killing power: SAF-KLENSAN provides unparalleled protection against harmful bacteria and fungi, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for food processing.

  2. Excellent detergent properties: SAF-KLENSAN's powerful cleaning agents emulsify and solubilize fat and oil, highly effective at removing tough stains and residues.

  3. Strongly buffered acid: SAF-KLENSAN's formulation removes scale, millstone, and rust deposits, leaving your equipment and surfaces clean and free from build-up.

  4. Cleans and sterilizes in one action: SAF-KLENSAN simplifies your cleaning process by combining cleaning, descaling, and sterilization in a single step, saving you time and effort.

  5. Chlorine-free and safe for stainless steel: SAF-KLENSAN contains no chlorine, making it safe to use on stainless steel equipment without corrosion or damage.

  6. Contains active anticorrosion agents: SAF-KLENSAN can be used on mild steel equipment, thanks to its inclusion of effective anticorrosion agents that protect your valuable assets.

  7. Safe to use: SAF-KLENSAN contains strong but not aggressive acids, ensuring safe handling and use in food processing environments.

In addition to its powerful cleaning capabilities, SAF-KLENSAN also enhances metal surfaces' shine, leaving your equipment and surfaces looking clean and sparkling.

SAF-KLENSAN is versatile and can be applied in a variety of applications, including dairy cleaning, butchery and cold storage cleaning, and removing moulds from showers.

Saf Klensan ensures effective cleaning, descaling, and sterilization, but also protects your valuable equipment from corrosion and damage. With SAF-KLENSAN, you can trust that your food processing areas and equipment are clean, safe, and compliant with industry standards.

Don't compromise on hygiene and safety in your food processing facility. Choose SAF-KLENSAN for unparalleled cleaning performance and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more or place an order!

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