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The last 2 shots....!

7th Shot...TORK!!

Tork has created the most streamlined, chic, ergonomic and above all, cost saving high quality soap and paper dispensers with the following goals in mind.


  • Reduce consumption - Tork paper towel dispensers dispense just enough hand towel paper at a time, which lowers consumption and saves money.

  • Refill frequency decreased so dispensers wont run out of paper quickly, allowing cleaning staff to focus on other tasks.

  • Sensor-equipped dispensers inform cleaners when product levels need to be refilled, saving them time.

  • Up to 50% of consumption can be reduced through measured and consistent dispensing.

Products includes - Dispensers and refills, toilet paper, hand towels, napkins, sanitizers, skincare, wipes and cloths and more...

8th and final shot....!!

Safic washroom solution includes other:

  • High quality hand soap dispensers

  • Plastic and steel hand soap dispensers

  • Automatic fragrance dispensers with a variety of micro burst fragrances

  • Sanitary bins

  • Hand dryers

The quality is great and the prices very competitive!!

So our journey ends... to see these products, contact Safic!!

Your one-stop cleaning solutions partner!!

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