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Shooting is easy...when you've got the right gun!

Article written by: Willem Britz

With S.A.F.I.C. ( SAFIC Environmental Solutions)

we shoot to be on point with order/cleanliness and hygiene at every workplace/home/hotel/workshop where our goal is, to see optimal enjoyable effective environments, where good humanity thrives and achieve their dreams.

We aim at the target of:

  1. Automation that puts people first. Nothing is more important, than your customer, who is purchasing the product or a product manufactured/processed, bought from an environment where effective cleaning protocol was practiced. Equal to this, your cleaning staff, who ensures that the most important job is done namely making sure that a hygienic environment is created wherein manufacture and industry can take place.

  2. Making the cleaning process rewarding to staff, using the equipment and making an enjoyable experience.

  3. Effectively cleaning any environment.

  4. Saving cleaning time and adding an edge of excellence to the final product supplied to your client.

See maximum results... Creativity... Innovation ... and Consistent, effective Cleaning Methods.


S – Safety: Creating safe products for customers because of effective cleaning practices.

H – Health: Health, both as a result from effective use of cleaning equipment. A Cradle to grave approach. Every activity from receiving raw materials to manufacturing, to supplying a finished product to eventual waste disposal must be governed within the framework of Health & Safety.

O – Organised working environment: Good cleaning regimented practices defining practices.

O – Order: that results from good organisation and implementation of effective application of equipment.

T – Training: (ongoing) to ensure that cleaning be done optimally.

Follow us over the next few days for more posts on how we SHOOT...!!!

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