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Safic in the Industrial Market

Article by: Chris Duvenage

Safic, a leading chemical manufacturer and cleaning supplier, is 40 years old this year and we have grown from strength to strength over the years in different markets: Industrial, Commercial, food & Beverage, Health Care, Floorcare and the list goes on.

In the industrial market, we have built a model to assist our customers, new and exciting, tremendously. The Maintenance 360° Solution. Products, Equipment, Support, Site Information, Training and Improvement is all covered in this model to assist our customers.


The products are specifically selected for the industrial market as they have a wide variety of uses. Degreasing, electrical maintenance, de-scalers and de-rusters, cooling/water treatment, hand cleaners, specialized maintenance products and the earth range for environmental use for oil spillages. The above points are all outcomes of making the correct decisions. It is now were we can focus on what these critical points are? The steps are discussed below:


We have a comprehensive range heavy duty utensils and brush ware, high pressure washers, dosing and proportioning systems and safety related protection equipment.


Installing the Maintenance 360° Solution, with qualified staff to assist on site. We will regularly make site visits to ensure the system is running smoothly and attend any concerns, on or off site.

Site Information:

All information such as MSDS’ (material safety data sheets) ISO certifications, required by auditors and inspectors, will be easily available on site as the qualified staff will make sure that there will be a site file on site containing the relevant information.


Comprehensive training on site (theoretical and practical) by qualified staff on the safe and efficient use and application of Safic’s products and equipment will be arranged.


We will be working closely with our customers to identify risks and implement improvements to their cleaning and maintenance systems.

We are currently servicing the following industrial customers: Manufacturing, Production, Mining, Workshops, Fabrication; just to name a few.

In a nutshell, this system was designed for our customers to have complete peace of mind from Safic to assist them in their cleaning and maintenance tasks on a daily basis including all the information and training needed on site while knowing their dedicated representative is just a phone call away.

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