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Powering the Future: Safic's chemical Innovation and Technology


In an age where sustainable chemical solutions are paramount, Safic stands at the forefront of innovation, blazing a trail towards a cleaner, more efficient future. With a commitment to harnessing the power of technology for the greater good, Safic has emerged as a leading force in the renewable chemical sector. In this article, we delve into Safic's groundbreaking innovations, revolutionary technologies, and their profound impact on shaping the chemical landscape of tomorrow.

1. Background and Company Overview:

Established in 1981, Safic has become the leading local manufacturer and supplier of cleaning and maintenance chemicals, equipment and consumables as well as water technology and specialist product solutions. These are supplied to all major market segments throughout the Southern African region. Our passion in this regard is expressed in the fact that Safic was the first chemical blending company within South Africa to be certified as an ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 organisation and all practices are carried out within a framework of responsible care which provides our

customers with the assurance of our commitment towards saving the planet while making a meaningful difference in our communities. Safic has built its brand and reputation in the industrial sector. Leading companies and mining houses have used our chemicals and associated products for close to 40 years due to their effectiveness and our ISO best practices. Safic’s industrial product range covers biodegradable cleaning chemicals, degreasers (solvent and water based), cleaning agents in electrical maintenance, cleaning chemicals for maintenance workshops, and water

treatment solutions. Chemicals such as degreasers, electrical safety solvent, maintenance cleaners, floorcare, hand care and environmental management are used in the industrial segment.

2. Innovative Technologies:

Out of all Safic’s chemicals, I would like to elaborate on two industrial chemicals:

Saf Power:  A versatile, highly concentrated degreaser for effective cleaning of almost any surface. Saf Power is based on a balance of biodegradable, non-ionic and anionic surfactants, coupling agents, chelating and soil suspending inorganics. Saf Power contains a special sodium salt, which improves the products effectiveness over a wide range of applications as an anionic surfactant and as a powerful hydrotrope or solubilizer, especially because of its uniquely high solubility in aqueous solutions and its ability to be successfully blended with solvents like white spirits, or paraffin.

Saf EA Xtreme Force: This new generation ground-breaking, highly advanced triple strengthened environmentally caring, high performance solvent based degreaser, has been developed with the “cradle to grave” concept in mind to achieve optimum degreasing by using a unique blend of biodegradable non-toxic solvents. Saf EA Xtreme Force has revolutionised industry sectors via supreme mitigation of negative environmental impacts offered by conventional degreasers through innovation by chemical industry leaders, frontiers and trailblazers since 1981. Saf EA Xtreme Force contains scientifically proven readily biodegradable petroleum distillates with more than 60% removal of theoretical carbon dioxide (ThCO2) within 28 days. Pure naturally extracted triple pressed solvents and wetting agents with non-toxic degradation components obtained from excellent biodegradability properties as per First World countries specifications are also contained.

3. Sustainable Practices and Environmental Impact:

Our processes and products are developed to keep our customers and staff safe at all times. Safic is a two time Mail and Guardian, ‘Greening the future’ Chemical Safety winner. As a proud Responsible Care Member – we ensure that:

• We manufacture responsibly.

• We use and store our chemicals safely.

• We transport our chemicals in a compliant manner.

• We train our customers to use all our products safely and



In conclusion, Safic's relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to sustainability are driving positive change in the renewable chemical sector. As we look towards a future powered by clean, renewable chemical sources, Safic remains at the forefront, leading the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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