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Our Product Innovation Process

At Safic our innovation is focused on:

· Smart, safe and green chemical systems

· Optimising the application technologies and related equipment

· Recycling and waste elimination technologies

· Sensors, monitoring, and control applications

Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

Matt Ridley in his book How innovation Works, distinguishes two types of knowledge: tacit and explicit.

Tacit knowledge is the knowledge that everyone has, but is very difficult to express and understand. Explicit knowledge can easily be put into words and passed on and learned. He notes that inventions and innovations are a combination of these two types of knowledge.

This is true for us as we use a combination of our years of (tacit) experience with new (explicit) technology and new ideas.

Diversity of ideas and selection

We like to test a diversity of possible solutions and evaluate how effective they are at solving challenges – this helps us narrows down to the solutions that work the best. If there is a clear winner, then that is used, however, sometimes there are no clear winners, and then with our customers' feedback, we identify and select the ultimate best solution.

Innovation is a key aspect of our culture at Safic and we are excited for what will unfold in the future.

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