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Managing cleaning operations for long term cost saving

The concept of continuous improvement is not new to food safety professionals. The concept is responsible for almost all improvements in the daily processes of functional food production facilities. From equipment maintenance through to the final product being packed in a box, working out the kinks a little bit more every day is what drives change and eventually improves over time.

When it comes to sanitation, however, many businesses look to cutting chemical costs almost annually to control cleaning spending. Good quality cleaning chemicals are safer and simpler to use, have reliable contact time to efficacy, and allow for the least mechanical action requirement on surfaces to remove soiling. In many food production facilities, applying adequate mechanical action to every surface can be challenging and very labor-intensive. Good quality chemicals can be used at higher dilutions and are often a lot easier to rinse off of surfaces, cutting water required per clean. At Safic, previous project experience has shown that an effective chemical solution in severe cases can half the time required to achieve acceptable outcomes while cutting water use, equipment damage, and risk to cleaning operators significantly.

With some focus on purchasing the right equipment and pairing your investment with high quality, reliable chemicals systems, food producers can ensure long term cost savings in water consumption, chemical spending, labor cost, reduced downtime, and damaged equipment far outweighing the potential immediate savings that may be realized by shopping for low-cost chemicals. By looking at your cleaning operation as something that requires constant improvement, businesses can correctly budget, purchase or manage their cleaning contractors to ensure well-trained operators are working with the best possible solution for the job, reduce idol labor and avoid many other issues caused by using poor quality chemicals in food production facilities.

*Talk to Safic about how their 360° Food and Beverage Solutions can give you the best long-term view on effective cleaning in line with your audit requirements.

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