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ISO Certification

Article by: Sihle Thusi

International Organization for Standardization is an International, Independent and Non-Governmental Organization. ISO Standards are internationally agreed by Professional Specialists. They can be thought-of as the recipe that depicts the best way of doing something. This could be a procedure about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials; ISO Standards are a broad spectrum and cover a range of activities.

SAFIC prides itself for being the first company in its scope of work to be certified as an ISO 9001, 14001 and the then OHSAS 18001 which has now been since replaced by the ISO 45001. Our processes through the guidance of the ISO Standards are carried out within a framework of responsible care which provides our customers with the assurance of our commitment towards saving the planet while making a meaningful difference in the various communities we serve.

SAFIC is a strong believer of that when things don't work as they should, it often means that standards are absent. This is the sole reason why the commitment into ensuring a continual compliance into the standards has been maintained for such a long time.

ISO Certifications found at SAFIC

This is to help work more efficiently and reduce product failures whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.

To help reduce environmental impacts, reduce waste and be more sustainable.

To help reduce accidents & incidents in the workplace. This used to be the OHSAS18001; SAFIC made it point that the transition into this standard was

implemented as soon as the communication was carried out.

The benefits of an effective management system to an organization


  • More efficient use of resources and improved financial performance

  • Improved risk management and protection of people and the environment

  • Increased capability to deliver consistent and improved services and products, thereby increasing value to customers and all other stakeholders.

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