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ION Exchange Safic - Water Treatment

Ion Exchange has established its presence in the South African market through its Joint Venture Ion Exchange Safic (Pty) Ltd (IES). IES was incorporated in 2012 in partnership with Safic Environmental Solutions.

They offer the widest range of products and solutions to treat water, waste water, solid waste and air, meeting requirements of industries, homes and communities in India and globally.

Their water treatment solutions include a wide range of customized and pre-engineered water treatments plants for clarification, filtration, disinfection, process water treatment and post treatment to polish treated water in order to meet critical quality requirements for various uses.

Ion Exchange is one of the very few companies worldwide with complete range of solutions for water and environment management. Their comprehensive technologies, products and services enables the multidisciplinary teams of experts to cater to the requirements of all sectors be it Industrial, Institutions, Homes and Communities – Urban & Rural.

Their specialist expertise coupled with their experienced team of engineers with thorough understanding of the customer’s processes enables them to provide integrated solutions that address the customer’s individual requirements, totally. This helps maximize the overall production levels and deliver economic benefit.

They follow and adhere to statutory health and safety requirements not just for the company, but also for their clients.

For any assistance to solve your water and environmental management challenges contact ION Exchange Safic on: 011 406 4060 or

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