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Introducing Saf Swish: The Ultimate Toilet and Ablution Cleaner for Sparkling Clean Surfaces

Saf Swish maintains excellent toilet and ablution cleanliness and hygiene. This highly effective cleaner is specifically designed to tackle tough stains, remove scale deposits, and leave your surfaces looking and smelling fresh.

One of Saf Swish's standout features is its remarkable ability to prevent scale deposits. Saf Swish's unique formulation leaves your toilets and ablution areas sparkling clean and free from unsightly residue.

Grout cleaning can be challenging, but Saf Swish makes it effortless. Its effortlessly penetrates grout lines, lifting dirt and grime without damaging the grout. With Saf Swish, you can say goodbye to dirty and discolored grout, and enjoy beautifully clean and revitalized tiles.

Saf Swish is specifically formulated for ceramic tiles and enamel surfaces. Its gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures that your delicate surfaces are thoroughly cleaned without damage or scratches. With Saf Swish, you can confidently maintain ceramic tiles and enamel fixtures.

In addition to its prowess as a toilet and ablution cleaner, Saf Swish also excels at cleaning glass and chrome surfaces. Whether it's mirrors, windows, or chrome fittings, this versatile cleaner effortlessly removes smudges, fingerprints, and water spots, leaving behind a streak-free shine.

Saf Swish is highly effective and economical. With its dilution ratio of up to 1 in 100, you can achieve excellent results while stretching your supply further. This makes Saf Swish a cost-effective choice for residential and commercial cleaning needs. Whether you need a general cleaning solution, freshening agent, or scale prevention, Saf Swish has you covered.

Last but not least, Saf Swish leaves behind a pleasant fragrance after each use. The fresh and clean scent adds freshness to your toilets and ablution areas, creating a pleasant environment for users.

Saf Swish is the ultimate toilet and ablution cleaner that delivers exceptional cleaning power. From removing scale deposits to grout cleaning and maintaining ceramic tiles and enamel surfaces, Saf Swish is the ideal solution for all your cleaning needs. Its versatility extends to glass and chrome surfaces, making it a comprehensive cleaner for multiple areas. With its economical dilution ratio and delightful fragrance, Saf Swish is the go-to choice for sparkling clean, and fresh-smelling spaces.

To order Saf Swish call: +27 11 406 4000 or email:

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