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Halaal Certification

Safic has a list of products that is Halaal certified.

Interesting Facts About Our Halaal Certification:

  • Why is halaal certification important?

The certificate of halaal gives assurance to the consumers that our products are produced according to the Shariah law and that they are also clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly and respects animal welfare.

  • Who benefits from halaal certifications?

Having the certification will improve the standards of food products or chemicals that can be exported. It will also improve the standards of the reputation of the company in the international market.

  • Competitive advantage:

Manufacturers can use it as a marketing tool to secure a bigger market share as halaal food or halaal certified chemicals are suitable for both Muslims and non-muslims. It can also aid in securing international business, especially in Muslim countries.

  • Quality:

It indicates that chemicals not only fulfill halaal requirements but also strict hygiene practices which essentially contribute to increased quality standards and practices.

Contact Safic to order your "Halaal" Certified products - 011 406 4000 or

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