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Five reasons to use Saf Steripure Med

We use hand sanitizers so regularly that we must ensure that they are safe.

With Saf Steripure Med you know:

1) The alcohol being used is safe.

2) The other ingredients used are safe.

3) Safic has quality, environmental, and safety standards to ensure the consistency of the product.

4) The water used for the production of Saf Steripure is sterile.

5) Saf Steripure has been tested for performance and (just as important) the production facility where it is being made has been audited for suitability.

Saf Steripure Med is SANS 490 approved and meets the SAHPRA requirements and has been used Nationwide.

It is available in convenient boxes of one-litre bottles with spray tops.

Order today and we will deliver.

E-mail: or call: 011 406 4000.

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