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F&B 360°Solution

South African food manufacturers have faced many challenges over the last three to four years. While changes in legislation and audit requirements become more stringent year by year our role as a supplier of chemicals and cleaning systems has adapted to suit the challenging nature of effectively cleaning food and beverage production facilities.

Our technical specialists assist producers and commercial cleaning operators to correctly assess their facilities requirement and advise on effective, manageable cleaning solutions. We offer assistance in meeting common audit standards in terms of correct and measured dosing of ready to use chemical, various methods of dilution verification and efficacy testing as well as industry leading training and knowledge development initiatives run throughout production sites nationally. Safic’s R & D has produced products that have met the challenges faced by food producers on a daily basis, while always ensuring the safety of end users and remaining cost effective.

Nationally our Sales Executives provide customer service day to day, while our nationwide distribution capability ensures reliable delivery of products to our clients. A dedicated call center is available during office hours for any and all queries, so you never have to wait for busy sales representatives to call you back. Safic’s new webpage , has a client log in facility and allows instant access to MSDS, certifications and other information you might need in a hurry.

The FAB360°Solution, range of chemical products are SABS approved and Halal, supported by high quality imported and local equipment brands. Our FAB 360°Solution ensures you have everything you need to meet your requirement.

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