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Eco-Choice Certification

Article by: Muzi Sithole

Ever heard about “Green Labelling or Eco Labelling”? We can probably make meaning of this from the word “eco” which is an acronym for ecology, the system of relationships between living things, and with their environment. This is where phrases like eco-friendly come from.

Eco-choice is a body that is accredited to certify that products are eco-friendly. They have made it their mission to ensure that they preserve the ecology for the further generations. This was very necessary considering the rate at with negativity towards the ecology is increasing and the future generations will have to bare the repercussions of careless acts from past generations.

The aim is to provide consumers with a ready source of independently certified environmentally responsible products and services.

The Eco-choice complies with a Type 1 Ecolabel - as defined by ISO14024:2018, and represents the only private initiative of its kind on the African continent.

Safic is also on the same mission and shares this beautiful vision of preserving the future and the environment and has subsequently gone and acquired this certification. We understand that it’s not all about the now and the future is equally as important.

Safic has gone as far as creating an entire eco-range. These chemicals are eco-friendly and eco-choice certified. These are a complete solution to your every cleaning problem.

Join a supplier that cares and save the future; the need has never been greater. Safic can proudly say “We Care”.

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