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Demonstrating Saf EA Xtreme Force

Demonstration by: Chris Duvenage

The problem from the Customer:

Metal Component covered with graphite grease, an extremely stubborn and dry grease.

The process the Customer used to clean the component:

Using a scrapper to scrape off the most of the grease, then using their paraffin mixture to clean sections of the component and rinsed with water using a high-pressure washer.

Results the Customer got?!

Only half the grease was removed.

Demonstration from Safic Representative:

  • Saf EA Xtreme Force, sprayed on neat (no dilution) onto the component.

  • Used a hand brush and scrubbed the surface for approx. 10 seconds.

  • After scrubbing, a high-pressure washer with cold water to rinse the component was used and we saw results!


The SAF EA Xtreme Force cleaned right through to the bare metal and the customer placed his order for 200L of product.


Before Safic assists a customer, we need to understand:

  • What the customer needs?

  • What the customer wants to clean?

  • What the type of dirt/grease is?

More on Saf EA Xtreme Force:

This product is a highly advanced triple strengthened environmentally caring, high-performance solvent-based degreaser that has been developed with the “cradle to grave” concept in mind to achieve optimum degreasing by using a unique blend of biodegradable, non-toxic solvents. It contains scientifically proven, readily biodegradable petroleum distillates with more than 60% removal of theoretical carbon dioxide within 28 days. It is also a triple strengthened, solvent-based degreaser with superior rinsability, 100% rinsable with water.

Health and Safety aspect:

On the health, safety and environmental aspects of any cleaning product, it is very important to understand the cleaning product you are going to use for the specific cleaning operation as all cleaning products have health, safety and environmental impacts. For your own health and safety, always use the correct PPE according to the MSDS guidelines of any cleaning chemical. Also, make sure what the environmental impact of the cleaning chemical has on the environment. Fortunately, most of our products at Safic are environmentally friendly and all our health and safety information is always available on the MSDS.

For more information or any enquiry about our cleaning chemicals, equipment or consumables, or to see this amazing product demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact Safic at 011 406 4000.

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