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Cutting Edge Technology

We at Safic have an awesome R & D and Laboratory on site that is always looking for new ways to improve our products and to develop new products by integrating new technology. Some examples of such products that we already have are as follows:

Saf Power is a highly concentrated alkaline degreaser used for the effective cleaning of almost any surface. It has a quick split emulsion system built into the formula that splits the oil and water almost immediately for the assistance in an oil separator. It also has the capability to keep the hydrocarbons (oil) in suspension to eliminate the possibility of oil re-depositing.

Saf EA Xtreme Force was developed with new generation, ground breaking technology whereas this product is a triple strengthened, environmental caring, solvent based degreaser and it also 100% rinsible with water, leaving no oil or film behind. It achieves optimum degreasing (carbon, oil, bitumen, grease, waxes, fats, etc.) by using a unique blend of biodegradable, non-toxic, solvents.

These are just two of our products where we utilise cutting edge technology to assist our customers in cleaning and also add value to their business.

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