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Commercial Cleaning

Article by: Jé-Anne Schiebe

In commercial properties, cleanliness is extremely important, especially now that we are facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Consistent and detailed cleaning is the key to keep the property free from allergens, germs, and viruses. If the property is properly cleaned, you can keep your employees and customers safe and healthy.

5 Reasons why commercial cleaning is beneficial for your business and how Safic can make it easier for you:

  1. Lower risk of infection

  2. Elevate your brand

  3. Healthier, safer environment

  4. Eliminate Microorganism growth

  5. Covid Compliance

1. Lower risk of infection:

In the workplace we are exposed to bacteria and viruses daily, by disinfecting and cleaning we minimize the risk of exposure and in turn increase productivity as our employees are less likely to get sick.

2. Elevate your brand:

First impressions count, Customers are more likely to trust your business or your brand when they can see that you take pride in your brand by keeping your workplace clean and organized. Your employees are happier when the workspace is fresh, clean and free from accumulated dust and dirt.

  • A Positive, Professional Appearance

Contrast two ideas: Walking into a business that has stained carpets, dusty desks and trash overflowing with crumpled paper and takeout cartons, or walking into a business that looks pristine, smells fresh, and is obviously clean. The image you project to customers is an important factor in the success of your operation. A shoddy appearance creates the impression that your business performs shoddy work. A smart, clean, sanitary appearance, with air that smells fresh and sweet produces a subtle impact on customers and visitors to your enterprise – and higher confidence in your business goods or services.

3. Healthier, safer environment:

  • Reduced Spread of Disease – Fewer Sick Days

Most businesses struggle when a virus is spread from employee to employee. With many of your most valued team out of the office, production slows. Whether an illness is affecting your sales, delivery or other area, reducing the spread of disease is important.

Even when employees are asked to remain at home when ill, many disregards this request and then move through the office spreading the virus by contacting various surfaces, which are contacted by others, and so it goes. A deep, professional cleaning with the correct chemicals is an important factor in keeping your workforce healthier and can help reduce the spread of the latest virus.

  • Morale Booster

Your employees respond to a cleaner environment and morale is higher. They feel that the activities you are engaged in are important and will tend to dress in a more appropriate manner in a clean environment. Even a smaller operation that is kept clean will experience a boost in employee morale and happier employees attract more business and do their jobs with more pride in accomplishment.

4. Eliminate Microorganism growth:

Without regular cleaning Microorganisms have the potential to grow uncontrollably causing damage to surfaces, causing infections and allergies.

5. Covid compliance:

This pandemic has opened our eyes to the risk of contracting viruses, we are more aware of personal hygiene and sanitization. If we expect employees and customers to feel safe in our workplace we need to take responsibility by sanitizing and cleaning thoroughly.

If you’re an essential business still operating at this time, keeping your workplace safe and free from infection is a primary concern. This is true both to prevent illness in the facility and to preserve peace of mind for all occupants, so they know all steps are being taken to keep them safe.


1. Products

We offer a Comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants approved for all commercial areas.

2. Equipment

We offer a Comprehensive range of colour coded utensils and brush ware, pressure washers, dosing and proportioning systems and safety related protection equipment.

3. Support

Installing the 360 system, with qualified staff to assist on site.

4. Site Information

All information required by auditors and inspectors, easily available and on site.

5. Training

Comprehensive training by qualified personnel on the safe use and application of Safic’s products and equipment.

6. Improvements

Working with the customer to identify risks and implement improvements to their cleaning system.

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