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Cleanfix Autoscrubbers: A Solution for Long-Lasting Floors

There are good reasons to consider using Cleanfix Autoscrubbers on your site:

  1. Efficiency: Our Autoscrubbers can cover a large area in a short amount of time, reducing the labor and time required for cleaning.

  2. Chemical savings: Autoscrubbers use fewer chemicals than manual cleaning methods to achieve the same results.

  3. Increased longevity of the floor: Autoscrubbers clean the floors more effectively, which will lead to the floors lasting longer and needing to be replaced less frequently.

  4. Better cleaning results: Autoscrubbers remove dirt and stains more effectively than manual cleaning methods, which results in a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

Contact us to identify and see the right Cleanfix Autoscrubber for your site. Tel +27 11 406 4000 or email

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