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Choosing quality for Peace of Mind

Article by: Ryan Britchford

Safic was the first chemical blending company in South Africa to be certified as a ISO9001, ISO19001 and ISO45001 organisation and all practises are carried out in a framework of responsible care showing our commitment towards saving the environment and and making a meaningful difference in our communities.

In addition to manufacturing our own specialised chemical products in house, Safic works with reputable raw material suppliers to guarantee we receive regulation compliant, high purity raw material to ensure the quality of our cleaning products. Cleaning Chemicals used in food production and industrial processes are often used in large quantities and on a large scale, so small impurities or unsafe, unstable product can rapidly become problematic and compromise outcomes.

High quality chemical products that are backed by quality management systems in the manufacturing process, provide peace of mind that the products you rely on to combat pathogens and bacterial biofilms on a daily basis are fit for purpose, safe, reliable and stable enough to store without adding unnecessary risk to your facility. Quality systems in the manufacturing process mean that Safic products are made to the highest standard and then tested to ensure they meet the requirements of a food safe cleaning environment. These same systems expand across all the chemical ranges that Safic manufactures being food and beverage, commercial, industrial and specialised metal treatment.

Safic quality gives business’ from various industries a reliable, proven chemical cleaning solution for facilities and high end manufacturing equipment that is safe for both the people using it and the equipment they clean and maintain.

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