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A proven highly effective disinfectant that is also very safe and easy to use

Saf EA Sterifect is safe to use and is ready to use so you are assured that it will be effective.

More people than ever need to disinfect and are disinfecting their environment and many have not been trained properly.

For a disinfectant to work, it has to be used at the correct dilution, if it is too dilute, then it will not work because not enough of the active ingredient is available to be effective.

If it is too concentrated, it could be dangerous to use, it can have very unpleasant odors, it could cause damage to surfaces and harm the environment.

With these challenges in mind, we wanted to develop a product that is:

· Safe to use.

· Ready to use and does not need diluting.

· SABS certified and NCRS registered.

· Tested to be effective against enveloped viruses like the coronaviruses.

· Safe for fogging areas and where you can re-enter safely, just minutes after fogging. (See our video on fogging

· Safe to use in food preparation areas.

We managed to achieve all this with Saf EA Sterifect and hundreds of customers are successfully and safely using it.

Order Saf EA Sterifect by e-mailing: or call 011 406 4000 and we will deliver it to you.

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