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SRI France - Ecosaf Panther Range

Safic's Ecosaf Panther range offers Clients a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to their current spill kits; parts washers and brake washers. Safic’s Panther range offers a Green Garage or Green Workshop solution, which replaces paraffin in workshops and other wasteful and less effective spill solutions.

SRI was created in 1999. SRI provides effective solutions for companies by providing alternative cleaning materials to replace hazardous products. SRI studies, designs and develops innovative techniques to ensure safety in the workshop and protect the environment.

The Ecosaf Panther range is ideal for various applications including service stations, automotive plants, industrial plants and maintenance plants. SRI products are sold exclusively by Safic in Sub Saharan Africa.

Ecosaf products available:

Ecosaf Panther Rolli – Large Biological Spill kit on Wheels
Ecosaf Panther Take n’ Go Kit – Wall Mounted Biological Spill Kit
Ecosaf Panther Twisti Pack – Compact Portable Biological Spill Kit
Ecosaf Panther Bio Parts Washer – Biological Parts Washer

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