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Cleanfix - Flooring Machines & Equipment

Cleanfix is a world leader in manufacturing Floor Cleaning Equipment that encompasses the very best in Swiss quality and Swiss precision. Cleanfix has grown steadily over the past 37 years to become one of the most progressive and innovative contenders in today's global marketplace. Safic is the sole distributor of Cleanfix in Sub Saharan Africa, and is able to provide exceptional customer care with their professional support team. Safic can offer you one stop solutions for all your floor cleaning needs in all sectors.

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SRI France - Ecosaf Panther Range

Safic’s Ecosaf Panther range offers Clients a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to their current spill kits; parts washers and brake washers. Safic’s Panther range offers a Green Garage or Green Workshop solution, which replaces paraffin in workshops and other wasteful and less effective spill solutions. The Ecosaf Panther range is ideal for various applications including service stations, automotive plants, industrial plants and maintenance plants. SRI products are sold exclusively by Safic in Sub Saharan Africa.

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Greenspeed South Africa

Safic has been a leader in South Africa, having won the Mail & Guardian, “Greening the future” award twice and we are proud to announce that Safic will now represent Greenspeed, South Africa. Greenspeed has been leading the professional cleaning industry in Europe for over 20 years. It supplies unique cleaning solutions based on microfibre technology.

Safic/Greenspeed is committed to providing smart cleaning solutions which have a real and positive impact on people and the environment. Smart because our products are efficient, innovative and ecological. Greenspeed’s microfibres are uniquely split to an optimum level and with a unique capillary action delivering increased cleaning power and a large absorption capacity. You can clean faster and more comfortable with less water and detergents. The Greenspeed products have been thoroughly tested and are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Kleen Purgatis

Safic now sells the new innovative all-purpose cleaning “Quintab Clean” tablet for professional maintenance cleaning. This range also exist out of the “Granit Tab F” for cleaning of deep fat fryers.

Quintab Clean:

Innovative and highly concentrated premium cleaning product
Easy and safe dosage – no dosage systems needed
Very good separation properties in sewage
Brilliant suitability for usage in cleaning buckets and machines (8-10L)
Skin contact with the tablet is most widely avoidable thanks to water-soluble foil
Less packaging waste – protects the environment
Transparent cost control

Granit Tab F:

Extremely powerful when dissolving burnt-on and resinous organic material such as starch residue, charring, grease and proteins.
Easy and safe to use
Ensures that the user‘s skin barely comes into contact with the tab thanks to the water-soluble film
Special effective agent combination

Brochure Downloads
Quintab Clean Flyer
Granit Tab F Flyer

Watch the Quintab Video

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