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Principal Distributorship

Vikan - Brushware

Vikan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of maximum hygiene/colour coded cleaning implements. Based on the needs of our customers and statutory requirements, they develop, produce and sell a broad range of cleaning solutions through Safic.

Product offering:

The food & beverage sector
Kitchens & restaurants
The healthcare sector
Education & municipalities
Retail & supermarkets
The transport sector

Industrial Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Food & Beverage Solutions

Seko - Dispensing Units

Seko offers a complete range of solenoid valve and peristaltic pump dispensing systems. They also provide a wide selection of control instruments and accessories. Our professional staff is committed to serving your dosing needs.

All of our products are thoroughly tested by our internal quality assurance personnel, prior to shipment. We believe our customers deserve to receive only the highest quality products.

Industrial Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Food & Beverage Solutions

Hawk - Pressure Washers

Hawk Products have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of high pressure cleaning equipment and spraying solutions for over 30 years. The Hawk range of products centre around the concepts of "spraying and high pressure pumping".

Spraying includes:

Spray nozzles for industrial and agricultural applications
Pest control spraying equipment
Safety showers and eyewash units
Airless spray painting machines
Road marking and sports field line-markers
Mobile and fixed foamers
Mist cooling and humidification systems for a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications

High pressure pumping includes:

Industrial pumps
High Pressure Cleaning Machines and accessories
Pipe and vessel pressure testers
Drain and sewer cleaning machines on trolleys and trailers
Multi-pump cleaning trailers for poultry houses, piggeries and cattle sheds
Car and truck washing stations
Water Jetting Machines
Hydro-powered Power Packs for drilling in mines

Industrial Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Food & Beverage Solutions

EQ Range – Consumables and Utensils

Safic prides itself on its high end quality basket of brands. However Safic has identified for the more budget conscious consumer their EQ Range. This range offers affordable cleaning equipment, to fit the needs of our clients.

The range consists of:

Mopping systems

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