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Why Saf Sterifect?


Saf Sterifect is safe for human contact and is safe to use on surfaces. Saf Sterifect is approved for use in food preparation areas and has no effect on the taste, smell, or appearance of food. Saf Sterifect is also safe for use on aircraft.

Rinsing is not required after using Saf Sterifect reducing water requirement and further saving time.

Saf Sterifect has no negative effect on effluent and once used, can be disposed into the effluent system.


It is very effective against bacteria, spores, and viruses, as well as fungi, yeasts, and molds. Micro-organisms do not develop resistance to Saf Sterifect (electro-chemical anolyte), so Saf Sterifect can be used regularly and consistently.

The effective contact time required for disinfection is very small and this saves time in the disinfection of surfaces and in CIP processes.

Contact us to order Saf Sterifect, a product that is very effective, safe to use, saves water, time, and money, with no negative effects on the environment.

More information can be found here too:

Tel: +27 11 406 4000


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