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Social Impact on the Community

Article by: Thasneem Sohun

At Safic we are big on saving our environment and aim to put out chemicals that are safe for the end user, with that being said the following is always taken into consideration.

Good health and well-being – exposure to harmful chemicals both used indoor and outdoor may cause many health effects, we have a technical team that looks at the impacts of this and what is the knock on effect- we have since introduced a ECO CHOICE range (Green Range) which includes a General purpose cleaner, an ablution cleaner and disinfecting cleaner, these products are safe to use and pose almost no side effects like harmful inhalation (respiratory) skin conditions… Safic has certifications that prove caring ability in the industry.

How has society benefited from the chemical industry?

  • Job creation- outsource transport nationally, internships offered to students and warehouse staffing.

  • Healthier working environments.

  • Safer working environments- Our green range of chemicals have no negative impact on the environment- once diluted safe for the eco system.

  • Better standards of cleaning to ensure up keep of certain food production plants.

  • Product knowledge- up skilling our community on correct product usage and application.

  • We have contributed to different sectors – raw material, packaging, transport.

  • We support local businesses.

  • Corporate social responsibility.

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