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Simple sanitising with Saf Rex Tablets

Food safety and healthcare operations professionals have access to state “state of the art” chemical technologies, applications and system management that allows them to achieve sanitation outcomes inline with various internal and 3rd party audit requirements and international standards while many informal communities and struggling institutions in poorer communities are forced to make do, with what they have available to them.

Providing realistic solutions to facilities on a budget or low in process management means that products need to be:

· Simple and safe to use.

· Safe on most surfaces and equipment.

· Easy to store, manage and distribute.

· Tested and certified effective for purpose

· Have a decent shelf life

· Have low cost in use

· Easily applied through multiple applications

One of the solutions available from Safic is Saf Rex Tablets. One of these simple to use, effervescent tablets produce 10l of powerful and versatile chlorinated cleaner that disinfects, cleans, whitens cutting boards and removes blood stains. Saf Rex is a broad spectrum bactericide, that produces 250ppm available chlorine at 1(tab) to 10l water, and 2250ppm at 1(tab) to 1lt water and can be applied using cloths, mops, spray bottles, foggers and used as a soaking agent, in basins and drums. life on undiluted tablets is 3 years and and cost in use per liter excellent.

This product works anywhere, anytime and on any budget.

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