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Shooting continues... 4th and 5th bullet!!

4th Stop...

Hydro Carbons spilled on soil, or remedy oil/Diesel spills on any other surfaces.

Use Saf EA Zorb Solution for:

Soil Remediation

  1. Saf Zorb High Absorbency Oil/Hydrocarbon pick up solutions.

  2. Soil Stabalizer chemical. Easy to dispense.

  3. Hydro carbon Encapsulation.

Saf EA Zorb Solution includes the following items and can be purchased by Safic:

  • Saf EA (Environmentally acceptable) Zorb high absorbency material made from tree bark. Completely natural micro organism containing material. (3 x 10kg bags)

  • High absorbent pillows and socks

  • Dustpan

  • Hard platform broom

  • Plastic shovel

  • Dust mask & pair of gloves

  • 240L Wheelie bin

5th Blaaaaaaaaassssstttt...

...them with high pressure water washers with foaming attachments, saving costs on chemical use. Chemical injector option, that blasts cleaning chemical onto surfaces instantly removing grime and oily deposits from surfaces.

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