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Safic giving SUPPORT to our Customers

Article by: Xolani Sihlangu

At SAFIC we understand that no structure, solution or system can be at its best without proper SUPPORT. As a result, we have implemented a 360o solution system that ensures a flawless operational process to our clients. This system includes product, equipment, training on both product and equipment, site information, improvements and of course continuous SUPPORT.

At SAFIC, the support structure is designed for the convenience of our customers (big and/or small) and it is divided into three (3) mainstreams, which are:

1. Internal Support:

Internal support is just a phone call or an email way, here you get support from the Call Centre and the Laboratory. Our call center provides support toward any queries related to pricing, ETA, documentation, info about SAFIC, deliveries, collections, regulations & certifications and more. The laboratory supports our customers with the in-depth technical information which may include and not limited to; handling of product, usage of products and dilutions, first aid practices, disposal and quality related concerns.

2. External Support:

This is more favorable to big customers where the support is brought to our customers’ sites in the form of sales representatives and trainers. As representatives gather information from our customers to our internal support, this helps reduce stress from our customers so they do not have to spend most of their time worrying about ETA of orders and queries about documentation. In most cases after making a purchase, one has to spend time and money sourcing and paying trainers to ensure the product is used correctly. At SAFIC we have product trainers that goes to our customers to train every staff member that will be using SAFIC’s products, equipment and services.

3. Technical Field Support:

SAFIC acknowledges that each customer is unique to some extent and has their own set of standards, needs and requirements. This support system is specifically designed for our customer’s specific needs and requirements, where we provide equipment services, systems installation and calibrations. It also involves site visits to gather technical information and assess sites for specific solutions that may contribute to passing audits and inspections. Our R&D department will do research and developments for its customers whist they (customers) spend time on what they want to do. Our customers always rest assured knowing that we are and will be there for every step of the way SUPPORTING them towards their infinite goal.

With SAFIC’s SUPPORT SYSTEM, a challenge is never an obstacle.

Did we mention that the support is free of charge?

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