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Safety Culture at Safic

Article by: Victor Rajarathnam

“A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and a company supported by loyal, satisfied customers reaps a multitude of benefits”. A recent study of employees found that workplace safety may influence customer satisfaction, “suggesting that there are likely spill-over effects between the safety environment and the service environment.

The above statements is one of the reason why we at SAFIC place a lot of emphasis on safety within the organisation. We believe that “in an organization with a positive safety climate, where safety does not take a back seat to productivity, employees are likely to believe they have permission to do things right. Doing things right is a permeating value in a work unit that is likely to reach into several domains of work behavior, some of which influence the quality of work”.

Therefore, we at SAFIC take safety seriously and implement safety measures across the organisation and consider safety of the customer in all our activities. We strive to ensure that employees and customers are protected from unlawful practices that can cause injury or even death. Education and training is one of the key elements that we focus on in order to ensure that our employees and customers are aware of the safety aspects related to our site and chemicals;

Here are some of the areas we focus on (there are others not mentioned below);

  • Slips, trips and falls: these are the most common causes of injury at work. Our employees are trained on the importance of housekeeping, proper storage practices, as well as spillage prevention and controls.

  • Strains and sprains: people can hurt themselves lifting even everyday loads. Improper lifting techniques, poor posture, inadequate chairs and badly positioned screens can cause back, arm and neck strains.

  • Burns, cuts and crushes: improper use of tools, poor maintenance of equipment, and careless storage of materials cause many accidents.

  • Falls from height: these cause about 60 fatalities and around 4000 serious injuries per year. Therefore, we train our employees on proper use of ladders and safety harnesses.

  • Hazardous substances: exposure to chemicals, dust, and fibers – by breathing them in, swallowing them, getting them on the skin or eyes – can cause serious conditions and in some cases can even be fatal. Our employees are issued with the necessary PPE and trained on how to use these PPE correctly.

We also monitor adherence to safety in the following ways;

1. Regular Planned Job Observations

2. Regular inspection of PPE

3. Regular Stacking and Storage Inspections

4. Regular inspection of lifting equipment

5. Regular housekeeping inspections

6. Regular review of manufacturing and works instructions

7. Systematic and thorough investigation of reported incidents or accidents

8. Review of corrective measures implemented to determine its effectiveness

All safety information is developed and passed on to customers by our skilled Technical Department and experienced trainers in various ways, including,

  • Training: We have dedicated trainers who are available to customers should they have a need for training.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets: These are developed and made available for all our products at the time the products are developed.

  • Technical Data Sheets are available for all our products.

  • Product development techniques that takes into consideration, utilizing / economically friendly raw materials, customer specific requirements as well as most cost effective solutions.

At SAFIC, we believe that SAFETY is the number 1 priority and we strive to ensure that all our stakeholders are not adversely affected when carrying out activities related to our products.

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