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Article by: Willem Britz

Dated: 26 October 2021

A. Support/Ranges/Training

B. SAFIC Support our clients on 4 levels

i. Your Immediate SAFIC Company Representative

a. Our highly competent SAFIC sales representatives are the face of our company.

Services include:

  • On the spot Immediate product knowledge.

  • On the spot consultative problem solving with regards to cleaning solutions.

  • Training of end users.

  • Quotations, orders and choosing which payment option best suits you and your company needs.

  • Link between you and all other departments in SAFIC.

  • Immediate solving of any system related challenges that may arise.

ii. Accounts Department

  • Solving of account related queries, making your accounts easy payable.

  • Monthly statements or any time you may require balances etc.

  • Remittances and immediate payment discounts.

iii. Technical Support

A. SAFIC Workshop

  • Our workshop is fully equipped for all your cleaning equipment repairs, with highly experienced staff and a workshop manager to advise. Saving you money, is our priority!

  • Quick lead times in repairs and transporting equipment back to your site.

  • Advise on best real time solutions that will save you costs.

  • Training with regards to safety aspects regarding the use of your equipment.

  • The different equipment ranges will be referred to later in this writing.

B. SAFIC Laborotory

  • Fully equipped modern-day laboratories make sure that all quality specifications are adhered to, in the cleaning chemical manufacturing process.

  • Making sure that all products are manufactured within the framework of responsible care for the environment, safety for end users, and ease of use.

  • Proper record keeping for every manufactured batch of chemicals for later reference.

  • Research and development for new arising needs in the Industrial, Food & Beverage, Commercial, Transport and Specialised markets.

  • pecific needs of clients.

C. Ranges

i. Sectors: Industrial

ii. Chemicals

The Industrial Industry is one of the backbones of a country’s economy.

It is important to supply optimally effective solutions to the industrial mining/manufacturing industry.

These include:

a. Workshops.

  • Fitting and turning Workshops

  • Electrical Workshops

  • Heavy Engineering

  • Light vehicle workshops

  • Milling of and processes

Safic supplies the following solutions:

a. Metal Treatment - Metal treatment process chemicals. De-rusting compounds, Degreasing compounds, Alkaline and solvent based paint strippers, Pre-paint Zinc and Iron Phosphating, conversion coatings. Cutting/Machining/Grinding lubricating fluids.

b. Water based and Solvent based degreasers within the framework of a passionate care for the environment, end users and supplying chemicals which are super effective in their application with many safety features built in to the chemicals, and economical savings as an end result.

c. Electrical Safety solvents. Being one of the few companies that supplies a completely non flash - non – flammable highly evaporative degreasing cleaning compound: Saf Non Flash.

d. Anti Seize compound

e. Penetrating oil compound

f. Silicon rounded gritted hand cleaner. Remediates dry skin by replenishing natural skin emollients.

g. Anti-Corrosion Compound

h. Specialized parts washers – Non solvent

i. Spill kits – High absorbency spill absorbent solutions

j. Soil remediation. Hydrocarbon encapsulation and inertion. Solve oil and Fuel spills, remedying environmental contamination.

C. Food and Beverage

SAFIC’s Food & Beverage chemical and equipment solutions are perfect for use in Abattoirs, Butcheries, Food processing plants, Vegetable and Fruit Pack houses and Restaurants.

Features include:

  • SABS1828 and SABS1853 certification.

  • Food safety systems compliant solutions.

  • Tailor made solutions for your individual need.

  • Training with certification with regard to use of chemicals, equipment and food safety practice principles.

  • Onsite support with experienced sales representatives.

  • A selection of food safe certified highly effective chemical and equipment solutions.

D. Commercial (Contract cleaning and facilities management)

This includes solutions for Hospitals/Shopping malls/ Change houses.

i. Highly effective Chemical solutions for floors/ Ablutions facilities/ Strip and Seal chemicals.

ii. Ergonomic and cutting-edge equipment solutions. CLEANFIX Swiss Quality machinery. This includes Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaners, Textile/Carpet extraction cleaners/Steam Cleaners/Hi-Low speed single disc scrubbers/ buffing machines/ Walk behind Auto scrubbers/ Ride on Scrubber and Sweepers.

E. Transport Range

SAFIC supplies the very best in Vehicle Fleet products to ensure clean and sparkling looking vehicles. From cars to trucks, to heavy earth moving equipment to trains and aircraft, there is a solution just for you.

  • Car and Truck wash chemicals

  • Dash and Tyre cleaning, protecting and shining chemicals

  • Aluminum Cleaners

  • Truck Tarpaulin cleaners

  • Water based degreasers to degrease oil deposits

  • Solvent based degreasers to remove grease fast easily and safely

F. Equipment and Other Ranges

i. Cleanfix - Swiss made Quality, Ease of use, low maintenance, Scrubbing, Spray Extraction, Sweeper, Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaners and various other machines to clean a variety of surfaces.

iii. Pescatech/Vikan – Colour coded Food safety certified brush ware. This includes a variety of solutions ranging from Aluminum handle brooms, Squeegees, hand held brushes, Mops, Mop trolleys, hose reels, washing basins, boot washers, crate washers and brush ware systems. These are very effective ultra durable products that will save you money with lots of safety features to ensure compliance to Food Safety legislation and the very best final products for consumers of your products.

iv. SRI maintenance products – Non-solvent parts washers that uses microorganisms to degrease automotive parts as well as any other mechanical parts. Cotton Composite high absorbency material Spill kits that use just enough of the required spill kit high absorbency material per hydrocarbon spillage.

v. Hawk Hi-Pressure washers’ equipment & Accessories. Wall mounted as well as mobile units. The very best in your Hi-Pressure washer requirements, with chemical injectors, ranging from 120bar/10 liters per minute output to 500bar 27 liters per minute output. Durable Industrial quality. All accessories including rotating nozzles, drain opening nozzles, foaming lances, hose reels.

vi. Greenspeed.

Colour coded microfiber flat mop systems with interchangeable mop heads for different functionality. Made from 100% recyclable materials.

Adjustable heads allows you to clean in those difficult to reach corners.

Mop handles features pouring of cleaning detergent into mop handles, and then dispensing detergent easily onto floors by pushing mop handle down. This makes for a lot of cost saving as only the required amount of detergent is dispensed onto floor surfaces.

vii. Saf Dustwrap Soil Consolidation. A Water-based co-polymer that bonds matter. This advanced technology literally wraps soil particles of microscopic size into a network of Interlinked bonds with superior water resistance, compressive strength and exceptional long dust suppression. Excellent for use in the mining sector or any other road where airborne particles should be reduced to the minimum to ensure that health risks with regards to pulmonary(lung) diseases are mitigated.

viii. UtillityEquipment/Washroom Equipment/Econo Range. These include chemically resistant gloves, micro fibre cloths, brooms, mops, poly sprayers, scrubbing pad, Soap and Sanitizer dispensers and a variety of other cleaning equipment.

ix. Chemical dosing equipment. Ensuring that your chemical is dosed at exactly the correct ratio required. Easy to install and durable.

Training provided

Training is an integral part of implementing cleaning solution systems.

Staff need to be trained in the simplest, easy to understand way that is easy to remember.

This is where we make use of Wall charts, which are put up against wall in the places of cleaning, which is a very simple quick reference tool, describing with pictures, which product to use, where to use the product, dilution ratios, and equipment used in conjunction with chemicals.

Staff is trained in their language of choice where possible, by highly skilled experienced trainers at SAFIC.

Training includes:

  • HACCP principles

  • Correct chemical storage

  • Dilution Ratios

  • Safety measures when using chemicals

  • Correct Personal Protective Equipment

  • Correct use and maintenance of Equipment

  • Hygiene

Certificates are issued per person as proof that training has been completed

Certificates are kept in site file as proof when audits are conducted.

SAFIC is your total cleaning partner, working together to ensure quality, safety and profitability of your organisation.

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