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CAIA - Responsible Care

Article written by: Muzi Sithole.

The chemical and allied industries’ association or better known as CAIA is a group of companies that have teamed up to achieve a common goal of a greener and safer environment. That is why you cannot mention CAIA without mentioning Responsible Care. Responsible Care is the chemical industry's own, unique, global initiative. This is why this partnership works so well.

The Chemical and Allied Industries' Association (CAIA) is the custodian of Responsible Care in South Africa, where the initiative started in 1994.Under Responsible Care®, the worldwide chemical industry is committed to continuously improve all aspects of health, safety and environmental performance and to open communication about its activities and achievements.

Why Safic chose the CAIA alliance?

Safic having already committed itself to the fight for a greener and safer environment it made sense to join an association that shares the same vision and is on the same mission. This has made it possible to even influence neighboring companies to see the green picture. Green is a culture at Safic and we are proud to say theWe Care”.

Buy green and save the future.

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