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Industrial – Cleanfix

Cleanfix is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning maintenance equipment in the world. Cleanfix has grown steadily over the past 37 years to become one of the most progressive and innovative contenders in today's global marketplace.

Today the company's extensive portfolio of products ranges from:

Vacuum cleaners
Carpet extractors
Single disc machines

Vacuum Cleaners

SW 21 Aqua
Vacuum 250 mbar
Useable water volume 24 liters
Very Stable
Weight 13,3kg
4 Castors
SW 60
Tank 50 litres
Stainless Steel
Very Robust
3 Vac Motors
Very Stable
SW25 K
Tank 20 liters
Stainless Steel
Very Robust
Vacuum 210 mbar
Very Stable

Spray-extraction Machines

TW Compact
Fresh/dirty water capacity 35/40 liters
Brush Action
Forwards & Back
Large Areas
Edges & Stairs

Scrubber Dryers

Fresh water: 55 liters
60cm Working Width
Rugged Construction
Power brush motor 750W
Brush or Pad
RA500 sauber
Side-shifted brush head
Brush ejection at the push of a button
Fist in every elevator
Fresh water: 55 Liters
Power brush motor 400W
Maximum speed 6km/h
RA 800 Sauber
Fresh water: 135 liters
76cm Working Width
50% Faster than walk behind
Ride on scrubber dryer

RA 800 Sauber
Fresh water: 135 liters
86cm Working Width
Brush diamete 2 x 43cm
Ride on scrubber dryer

Single Disk Machines

R 44-180
Disk Speed 160 1/m
Very quiet
Spray Tank
Heavy duty scrubbing & stripping
Working width 44cm
Duo Speed
Disk Speed 190/380 1/min
Spray Tank
Ideal for stripping & sealing
Working width 44cm
PowerDisc HS
Disk Speed 410 1/m
Very quiet
Spray Tank
ideal for spray cleaning
Working width 37cm

Vacuum for Single Discs
Total power 1100 W/230 V
Vacuum 250 mbar
Dustbag capacity 4,5 liters

Sweeping Machines

Dirt container 32 liters
Working width + side brush 71cm
Speed 5.0 km/h
KS 1100 B
Hopper 360 I
Working width 1100mm
Speed 0-7.2 km/h
Running hours 4,5 h


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