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Industrial – Chemical Solutions

Earth Range
Biodegradable Cleaning Chemicals.

Saf EA Acid Neutraliser - Acid spill neutraliser - powder
Saf EA Auto Dish - Automatic dishwashing liquid
Saf EA Auto Rinse Aid - Automatic dishwashing rinse aid
Saf EA Contact - Electrical safety solvent
Saf EA Degreaser - Water based degreaser
Saf EA Delta Force - Non-toxic pollutant encapsulation
Saf EA LD - Water based cleaner/degreaser
Saf EA LF Stripper - Low foam polish stripper/cleaner
Saf EA 110 Degrease - Solvent based degreaser
Saf EA Pitzyme - Pit Latrine treatment
Saf EA Autogen - Enviro-friendly general purpose cleaner

Degreasers - Water Based
Effective concentrated and can be diluted for the removal of grease, oil and grime.

Saf Drag
Saf Line
Saf Industrial
Saf Steam
Saf Powderklenz
Saf Power
Saf Eco Force
Saf EA Degreaser
Saf LF Parts Washer

Degreasers - Solvent Based
Solvent based cleaners for the removal and rinsing of heavy grease and oils.

Saf Heavy
Saf Heavy Premix
Saf Light
Saf EA 110 Degrease
Saf EA Xtreme Force

Electrical Maintenance
Products specifically formulated for safe use in electrical maintenance.

Saf Dem - Anti-corrosion treatment
Saf EA Contact - Electrical safety solvent
Saf Elec - Electrical safety solvent
Saf Non-Flash - Electrical safety solvent - non-flammable
Saf E Transclean

Water Treatment / Cooling Tower Care
These products are specifically developed for water treatment applications and compliment the full range from ION Exchange Safic.

Saf Dox - Chemical descaler
Saf Treat - Quaternary ammonium water treatment
Saf Freeze - Anti-corrosion/anti-freeze coolant additive
Saf EA Sterifect Low PH - Disinfectant, sanitiser low pH

Safic has a focused range of products for the workshop both for general cleaning and specialised cleaning and maintenance.

Saf Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Specialised Maintenance Products
Safic has developed many specialised products in conjunction with our customers and have developed a range of specialised maintenance products.

Saf Autogen - Enviro-friendly general purpose cleaner
Saf Carb - Cold tank decarboniser/paint stripper/degreaser
Saf Defoamer - Defoamer liquid for high foam products
Saf Drain - Caustic base, granular drain cleaner
Saf Eco Plus - Bio-stable, water soluble cutting fluid
Saf Eze - Anti-seize compound
Saf Silset - Specialist flocculant
Saf Screen - Solvent based degreaser
Saf Pen – Penetrating oil lubricant
Saf Miso – Concrete and cement descaler
Saf Met – Rust remover and cleaner
Saf Non-ferrous – Aluminium cleaner
Saf E Impact – removes slag, organic and inorganic load from foam
Saf Tarpaulin Cleaner – effectively and safely cleans tarpaulins
Saf Trainwash – effectively clean trains and removes specific dirt and grime that accumulates

Vehicle Care Products
Professional and effective vehicle care is essential for almost every company – At Safic we offer a comprehensive range of specialized products to easily take care of your vehicles.

Saf Auto Wash - High foam cleaner/degreaser
Saf Car - Car wash and wax
Saf Dash - Silicone dashboard and vinyl cleaner and protector
Saf EA Acid Neutraliser - Acid neutraliser/battery cleaner
Saf Freeze - Anti-corrosion/anti-freeze coolant additive
Saf Fresh Cherry - Air sanitiser and deodoriser
Saf Fresh Lavender - Air sanitiser and deodoriser
Saf Glass - Window and chrome cleaner
Saf Tyre - Water based, acrylic tyre paint/protector
Saf Tyre Gloss - Silicon-based tyre gloss protector
FloorworX LF Carpet Cleaner - Low foam carpet extractor detergent
FloorworX HF Carpet Cleaner – High foam upholstery and carpet cleaner
Saf Stainless


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