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Food & Beverage - Chemical Solutions

Safic’s Food and Beverage range of products adheres to strict food safety standards and are SABS certified. The range of chemicals covers a full range of chemicals that will allow for efficient and effective cleaning of all food areas. Our range is complimented by a range of dispensing units and colour coded brushware and equipment.


Saf EA Auto Rinse Aid - Automatic dishwashing rinse aid
Saf EA Autodish – Automatic dishwashing liquid.
Magicmaid Dishwash Liquid
Saf Brite


Saf Floorgene - Heavy duty floor cleaner

Daily Maintenance

Saf Fatsolve - Heavy duty anti-bacterial surface cleaner
Saf Kleen - Anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner
Saf Klensan - Cleaner/steriliser for processing
Saf Oven - Alkaline oven cleaner
Saf Rex - Alkaline disinfectant cleaner
Saf EA Sterifect - Disinfectant, sterilant, sanitiser
Saf EA Sterifect Low PH - Disinfectant, sanitiser low pH

Hand Care

Saf EA Care Hand - Anti-bacterial hand soap
Saf EA Sanipure - Antiseptic hand sterilizer
Saf Hand Sanitiser (QAC Free)



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