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Commercial - Chemical Solutions

Office & Janitorial Maintenance

Saf Blue - Perfumed disinfectant cleaner - lavender
Saf Bowl - Anti-bacterial toilet bowl/urinal cleaner
Saf Rex – Alkaline disinfectant cleaner
Saf Industrial - General purpose cleaner
Saf Glass - Glass and window cleaner
Saf Swish - Deodorising maintenance cleaner
Saf Trio - Odour masking cleaner/disinfectant
Saf Citrus - General purpose citrus based cleaner
Magicmaid All Purpose Cleaner
Ecosaf 1225 Ammoniated Cream
Saf General Cleaner Concentrate
Saf Disinfectant Concentrate
Saf Above Floor Concentrate
Saf Lustre
Saf Glaze
Saf Pine Gel
Saf Pink Handsoap
Saf White Handsoap
Saf Germ
Saf Uri Mat


Saf Bleach - Stain remover fabric bleaching product
Saf Industrial Fabric Softener – Fabric Softener for industrial applications
Saf Laundry Power – Heavy duty laundry liquid formulated to remove industrial grease and oil from clothing.
Saf Liquid Laundry - Liquid laundry detergent
Saf Wash - Concentrated low foam washing powder
Magicmaid Liquid Laundry Detergent

Vehicle Care Products
Professional and effective vehicle care is essential for almost every company – At Safic we offer a comprehensive range of specialized products to easily take care of your vehicles.

Saf Auto Wash - High foam cleaner/degreaser
Saf Car - Car wash and wax
Saf Dash - Silicone dashboard and vinyl cleaner and protector
Saf EA Acid Neutraliser - Acid neutraliser/battery cleaner
Saf Freeze - Anti-corrosion/anti-freeze coolant additive
Saf Fresh Cherry - Air sanitiser and deodoriser
Saf Fresh Lavender - Air sanitiser and deodoriser
Saf Glass - Window and chrome cleaner
Saf Tyre - Water based, acrylic tyre paint/protector
Saf Tyre Gloss - Silicon-based tyre gloss protector
Saf Extract - Low foam carpet extractor detergent
Saf Mat – Upholstery Cleaner
Saf Stainless

Ecosaf Range – Biological Products

Ecosaf Control
Ecosaf Gen
Ecosaf Lav


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